Keeping the Perennials Warm

My neighbor has BEAUTIFUL peonies planted between our properties, right on the edge of my driveway. The first large snowfall in the winter of 2019, I spent over 3 hours moving the snow, shovel scope by shovel scope across the driveway over into my yard on the other side of the driveway to avoid having the weight on top of the peonies. I was so scared that the extra snow from my driveway would negatively impact their growth in the spring. After complaining to my mom about how badly my back and arms hurt from shoveling, she asked me a simple question with a grin on her face. "Bailey, why were you taking away the peonies winter blanket?" As it turns out the snow actually helps protect perennial plants by providing extra insulation in the winter months!

So instead of shoveling that snow over to the other side of the yard, consider piling it on top of areas where your perennial plants could use the extra blanket.

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